At IGLOO, we aim to inject as much life, and energy as possible into NZ homes, and the lucky TVs inside.

  • IGLOOs

    We here at IGLOO started from an insight (that’s what the research guys called it, we call it ‘a little gem of understanding’). That insight was, that subscription telly is all about content choice. But (and here’s the good bit) that not everyone wants the kitchen sink with 100s of channels, but they do want more choice than is available with Free-to-air TV.
    What else? Flexibility.

    With our Prepay TV option, you get flexibility month-to-month and enough content to keep entertainment high with something for everyone at home. But, not so much that you’re  having to pay for a bunch of stuff you don’t want to watch - month in, month out.
    We also know that TV isn’t ALL about what’s on the box, but a bit about the activity that takes place around the TV too. Talk about it, watch it together, make it a companion when you’re alone. And on that, we know that lives of New Zealanders aren’t ALL about TV. We’re a busy, impatient and delightfully fussy bunch and when we want to watch TV, we want great TV for great entertainment. So hey, why not just choose what that is, when that is. Because with IGLOO, THE OPTIONS ARE UP TO YOU.